Are you putting off your dreams because of your immigration status?
Do you want to identify your goals and create the life that you want?
Are you ready to overcome your fears and weaknesses?

We work with immigrants to help them find the success in life that they deserve. At Landerholm Immigration, we do more than just provide legal services to our clients. No matter what your immigration status may be, you have the right to grow and become the kind of person that you’ve always dreamed of – confident, fearless, knowledgeable, and equipped to handle whatever situation comes your way. You will not only have a better understanding of how the legal system works, but you will learn how to become the best possible version of you.

How Does the Life Mastery for Immigrants Program Work?

In the Life Mastery for Immigrants Program, we get together as a group in order to focus on the following areas of development and growth:

  • Setting aside time solely dedicated to self-improvement
  • Going through the process of becoming self-aware
  • Overcoming difficulties that stop you from living your life to the fullest
  • Defining and pursuing your American Dream
  • Realizing that no excuse or obstacle should stand in the way of your dreams

Are You Ready to Take Steps to Improve Your Life?

I’m Otis Landerholm, the founding attorney of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. Not only am I an experienced immigration attorney, but I am the Immigrant Coach who offers life coaching for immigrants. Even if obtaining legal immigration status is not an option for you under current immigration laws, there are still ways that we can help prepare you for the life that you are seeking. As the Immigrant Coach, I go beyond your legal needs to help you become a better person and master human relationships. My unique understanding of immigration law helps me to provide you with the coaching that you need to improve your life, no matter what your current legal situation may be. By meeting with me and other individuals with situations similar to yours on a regular basis through the Life Mastery for Immigrants Program, you will learn how to conquer your fears, stop the excuses, and move forward with the life that you’ve always imagine.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Life Today?

Here in the United States, we are a country full of immigrants.  Immigrants are what make our country strong.  I want my children to grow up in a country that welcomes people, no matter where they are from, and that does not deport them. If we work together, we can prepare for a better future where Americans welcome all immigrants and integrate them into our lives. That’s why we have created the Life Mastery for Immigrants Program, so you can work toward creating a better America.

Live Mastery for Immigrants Program – Live

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